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  • in St Petersburg

St Petersburg, Russia

Taleon Imperial Hotel is housed in a former czarist-era palace

Taleon Imperial Hotel located in the centre of St Petersburg sightseeing places

The Kazan Cathedral

St Petersburg bridges

The Hermitage

Flights to St Petersburg

Located right in the centre of the city, Taleon Imperial Hotel is the perfect basis to explore the delights and many wonders of St Petersburg. St Petersburg attracts guests all year round offering different kinds of activities to any taste and preferences. Just book a flight to this wonderful city of St Petersburg and have a pleasant stay in Taleon Imperial Hotel.

For your convenience here are a selection of Airlines offering flights to St Petersburg.

Russia Airlines and Aeroflot are national Russian airlines that have flights to St Petersburg from all around the world.

Other major airlines flying to St Petersburg are:

There are a number of online booking engines that offer flight comparison allowing to choose from different flight options to St Petersburg e.g.


St Petersburg flight information is also available from Pulkovo Airport in St Petersburg.

You can fly to St Petersburg from most major European cities and if you book in advance you can get a better price!

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