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Main Stairs

Taleon Restaurant

Empress suite livingroom


Luxury Studio Suite

Membership at Taleon SPA

Eliseev Banya Pool

Taleon SPA is located on the top floor, under a glass dome that gives an enjoyable view of the sky and the sun. Read more

Honeymoon Night

For newlyweds we offer accommodation with upgrade to suite, late check-out, spa complex visit Read more

NEW! “Oxygen Saturation” treatment

Prepare your skin for summer with Taleon Spa with the new “Oxygen Saturation” treatment on the exclusive Spanish cosmetics Germaine de Capuccini line EXCEL THERAPY O2, which effectively counteracts the negative effects of the environment, lack of oxygen and prevents skin aging.

EXCEL THERAPY O2 line takes smart care of the skin, helping residents of the metropolis to feel beautiful at any age.

As parts of EXCEL THERAPY O2, the two key elements are Cytokines and Oxygen. These two components help restore skin functions at the cellular level, establishing the necessary mechanisms in it to fight aging. Cytokines provide intercellular connections; Oxygen-enrichment of cells with oxygen.

Results from the procedure:

  • The skin begins to “breathe” again
  • The skin gets more vital energy and radiance
  • Cleanses itself of toxins
  • Eliminates congestion
  • Eliminates signs of fatigue
  • The skin looks more full and elastic, beautiful and young

Now your skin can withstand the rhythm of city life.