Taleon SPA Swimming pool

Relaxation with a view of the sky

  • in Taleon Imperial Hotel
  • in Taleon Imperial Hotel
  • in Taleon Imperial Hotel

Taleon SPA pool

Taleon SPA pool

Salt room in Taleon SPA

Taleon Spa pool at night

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SPA Swimming Pool

The Beneficial Effects of Water on the Human Body

Throughout the history of civilization, water treatments have been rightly considered one of the most effective means of healing the body, restoring strength and increasing vitality. Swimming relieves stress and anxiety.

Skylight Swimming Pool

The skylight swimming pool in the Taleon SPA is located on the top floor, under a glass dome that gives an enjoyable view of the sky and the sun.

The swimming pool is 22 metres, and has varying depths – from 130 to 175 cm, so the pool is good both for beginners and for professionals.


Swimming Pool in "Taleon SPA"

There is a recreation area at the swimming pool, with coffee tables, sofas and lounge chairs, where you can relax, and enjoy fresh juices and tea.

The purification of the water is effected in several stages, using ultraviolet light and sand filters.

The impeccable service offered at the Taleon SPA will make your stay comfortable and relaxing.


Classical oriental medicine describes the foot as having reflex zones – the outer projection of all the internal organs, so a foot massage can therefore affect all of the body’s systems.

Healing Stones

The massage track at the Taleon SPA is made up of very dense natural sea stones. The stones create a massaging effect, prevent flat-footedness, improve blood circulation and strengthen the ankle joints.

The structural surface of the massage track activates the mind’s information sensors, and so stimulates the body.

Healing Stones in Taleon Spa


Relaxation area in Taleon SPA

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