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Main Stairs

Taleon Restaurant

Empress suite livingroom


Luxury Studio Suite

Sunday Gala Dinner

Sunday dining at the Victoria restaurant is the best way to spend time with your family. Enjoy exquisite cuisine, live music and superb service. Read more

Honeymoon Night

For newlyweds we offer accommodation with upgrade to suite, late check-out, spa complex visit Read more

Detox program

Detox is a premium program from Taleon Imperial Hotel, designed to cleanse and gently reset the body in the shortest possible time.

Our detox program will save you from chronic fatigue, stress and help you regain your vitality.

The program price includes:


  • Accommodation in a SPA Suite

SPA Suites with an area of 75 sq. m. are located in the historical interiors of the Eliseev Palace. All rooms are furnished with sets from the best factories in Europe, including antiques. The windows offer a beautiful view of the Moika River embankment and the Stroganov Palace.

The rooms of this category have all the conditions for the most comfortable stay: an elegant bedroom with the decor in pastel colors, a spacious bathroom equipped with a Jacuzzi, and exclusive spa cosmetics.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a fixed menu, developed by the chef of the Hotel together with the Professor V. Khavinson and Professor S. Trofimova.

* Professor Vladimir Khatskelevich Khavinson (Vice-President of the European Association of Gerontology, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
* Professor Trofimova Svetlana Vladislavovna (President of the Russian Society of Anti-Aging Medicine).


  • Body treatment to choose from:

– massage and detox wrap with red grape extract*

Wrapping with red grapes helps to rejuvenate the skin, increase its elasticity and firmness, restore mineral balance, improve the state of the nervous and immune systems, prevent the appearance of stretch marks, and correct existing ones.

– massage and seaweed wrap*   

Wraps with kelp from the White Sea effectively help with weight loss and elimination of cellulite deposits, in the fight against stretch marks and sagging skin. Algae extract helps to enrich the cells with oxygen and nutrients; the procedure improves the overall condition of the body, energizes.


Price for double occupancy:

55,000 rubles per day for the period up to May 31, 2021, and for the period June 5 – 10, 2021.
79,000 rubles per day for the period from June 11 to July 3, 2021.

The special offer is valid when booking a room by phone at +7 (812) 324-99-11 at least 2 days before check-in

Includes accommodation, detox menu, SPA treatments