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Wine tasting on July 31st with Al Bano Carrisi


On July 31st the Taleon Imperial Hotel and the Luding company held a wine tasting with one of Italy’s most well-known wineries, Azienda Vinicola Al Bano Carrisi, which was represented by its owner, the famous Italian singer Al Bano Carrisi.

During the evening guests tasted three kinds of wine: the dry white Felicita Puglia Bianco, a dry red Felicita Salento Rosso and a semi-dry red Salento Rosso Plato. The wines were enjoyed with Finnish VEEN water.

Albano himself was with us not only to showcase the best wines from his estate, he also spoke about his interesting life. Many years ago he promised his father: “I want to be a singer but when I return I will build a winery and dedicate it to you;” and that is exactly what he did. The young Albano left home to pursue his dream, and when he returned he kept his promise to his father, and duly built a winery.

The fertile soil is ideal for cultivating vineyards, and Tenute Al Bano Carrisi produces wines from Puglia’s traditional grape varieties, also grappa and excellent olive oil. Albano is very proud of the family farm and the wine which is made from their labours. This is a wine that is made with love and a respect for nature.