• in St Petersburg
  • in St Petersburg

St Petersburg, Russia

Taleon Imperial Hotel is housed in a former czarist-era palace

Taleon Imperial Hotel located in the centre of St Petersburg sightseeing places

The Kazan Cathedral

St Petersburg bridges

The Hermitage

St Petersburg Nightlife

St Petersburg has a huge variety of bars and nightclubs and that is great for those foreign guests who appreciate exciting atmosphere of night city.

Jelsomino Café

Karaoke night club and restaurant. One of the most fashionable places, loved by celebrities and that people who knows where to spend time with class. Original Interior design in shades of chocolate & beige. Cosy Purple Bar. High quality karaoke equipment of luxury class with professional back-vocalists.

Buddha Bar

The first lounge-restaurant by the world famous brand in Russia! Unusual combination of comfort reflected in clever atmosphere of serenity, conceptual interaction of light and music. Obligatory details of every restaurant of the global network are ancient vases, mosaic, French gold fabrics and varnished wood. Buddha Bar offers a wide variety of dishes of the countries of Pacific region with notes of Asiatic cuisine and French elegance, created under the influence of the menu of one of the most popular restaurants of Paris. And one of the most unique cocktail-menus in the city is served for you at the bar. Key element is a statue of Buddha which has been a main symbol of all restaurants of the global network for many years. A lounge-bar, restaurant and VIP rooms are arranged on 2 floors. Every evening DJ is playing for guests the lounge music tracks specially created for Buddha Bar!

Bar Barrel

This slick black and neon looking place has got a bit of an attitude to it – one that says dress rich and spend money. Their cocktails are good compared to the sad orange juice and vodka (‘the screwdriver’) that you may get served in the average bar, although they take a long time to arrive. There’s also an elaborate menu done up like a glossy magazine offering a bit of everything, but primarily this is a place to sit in your fox fur stole with a martini and look down at the fellow wannabe VIPs in attendance – until it’s pole dancing time, of course. Frequent guest DJs at the weekend.

Luque Night Club + Loook Karaoke

The unique place combines all you might need for a perfect night out! Loook Café is a popular restaurant with fusion cuisine, great cocktails and hookah menu with life music in the evening. From Loook café you can easily get to Loook Karaoke to enjoy singing accompanied with professional back vocalists or simply listen to the most popular song in more private and relaxing atmosphere. Over night just the next door you will find one of the most glamorous and fashionable nightclubs – Luque Club. Spectacular show, famous singers and Djs from all over the world, 10 VIP boxes – all this will make your night out really fabulous. The club is open every Friday and Saturday night.


The owners of Soholounge (who also run the two bar/restaurants next door) were inspired by the cutting-edge fashions and neighborhood feel of the Soho areas of London and New York and have successfully started creating their own mini-soho in this historic corner of St. Petersburg, with the Soholounge being the most fashionable of their hit parade of restaurants. The huge pictures of Johnny Depp and co. on the walls, original American mini-burgers, cosmopolitan ‘new American’ menu, which includes great steaks, salads and vegetarian options and the outstanding cocktail-menu are pure Manhattan. On Friday and Saturday night it is open till the morning for you to enjoy the music by popular Djs, dancing and great cocktails, surrounded by young and beautiful people.