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    • in Taleon Imperial Hotel
    • in Taleon Imperial Hotel
    • in Taleon Imperial Hotel

    Main Stairs

    Taleon Restaurant

    Empress suite livingroom


    Luxury Studio Suite

    Grill Season in the Victoria restaurant


    On a summer’s day, can you imagine anything more pleasant than sitting on the terrace of the Victoria restaurant, eating the finest grilled food, and enjoying a panoramic rooftop view of beautiful St Petersburg? It’s difficult to beat…

    The Victoria restaurant is situated on the 6th floor of the Taleon Imperial Hotel, and for a relaxed atmosphere, chatting with friends and family, there is nothing better. And those wonderful aromas wafting across from the open grill are just so tempting.

    Our chef chooses only the freshest meat and fish, and he grills them with the minimum of fuss. Order the dish of your choice with whatever sides take your fancy, and perhaps a sauce for added spice. Grilled is tasty and healthy, and completely irresistible.


    Grilled Dishes

    Australian Ribeye

    1000 RUB


    Australian beef tenderloin

    900 RUB


    Rack of lamb

    500 RUB


    Veal chop

    1200 RUB


    Grilled chicken

    600 RUB


    Grilled dorado

    650 RUB


    Giant Tiger prawns

    600 RUB


    Vegetable salad

    Green salad

    Boiled potatoes

    French fries



    Sweet corn

    from 100 RUB

    Sauce of your choice

    tkemali, satsibeli, soya sauce, tartar, honey mustard sauce, garlic sauce

    75 RUB


    Grill menu is available from June 14th

    For reservations, please call

    +7 (812) 324 9911

    Book a table